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Important Information for Visitors

To ensure a safe, enjoyable museum experience for all visitors, please be sure to comply with the following regulations:

01. All visits to Chimei Museum are strictly limited to online reservation only. All individual and group visits must complete online reservations prior to arrival.

02. Talking loudly or making loud noises inside the Museum is prohibited. No speakers or penlights inside the Museum; group tour guide devices are available for rental at the front desk.

03. Chimei Museum reserves the right to refuse admission to visitors who are wearing improper clothing (including flip-flops).

04. Switch off mobile phones or set to silent mode upon entering the Museum.

05. No touching the exhibits, no running, no laying on the benches, no sitting on the floor, please keep proper Museum visit etiquette at all time.

06. Visitors are prohibited from bringing pets (excluding guide dogs), food, drinks, large umbrellas, long or bulky objects (anything larger than A4 size, please store at lockers) and dangerous articles into the Museum.

***Pets are prohibited in the Museum; please arrange to leave your pets at Pet Hotels nearby.

07. No eating, drinking, smoking, chewing gum, betel nut, or alcohol inside the Museum.

08. No photography, videotaping and sound recording inside the Museum unless authorized.

09. No roller shoes, roller skates, skateboards and bicycles inside the Museum for safety reasons.

10. Chimei Museum reserves the right to refuse admission to visitors who are behaving in dangers to the exhibits.

11. Above regulations are subject to change, please refer to the onsite bulletin board. Any violation to the Museum Regulations which caused damage to the collections, the Museum reserves the right to claim.

Kind reminders:
To preserve and protect the collection items, all exhibitions are kept in low temperature; please bring a jacket or extra clothing subject to personal needs.

To echo energy and carbon saving, and to protect the planet, all visitors are encouraged to bring reusable cups to the Museum.