Hyperrealism Art in Taiwan

Jingwei sieshih is the most prominent style of artistic creation celebrated by the CHIMEI Arts Award over the past 30 years since its establishment. The so-called “jingwei sieshih” is an expression of artists using precise and detailed artistic techniques without showing the brushworks or traces in their works.
Hyperrealism Art in Taiwan mainly displays works by CHIMEI Arts Award winners over the past three decades, together with representative works of jingwei sieshih in Taiwan before the establishment of the CHIMEI Arts Award. This exhibition manifests the achievements and contributions of this artistic style in Taiwan.

2019.03.17 - 2019.06.11


│ The Most Stunning Chapter in Taiwan History of Art │
The Art of Jingwei Sieshih • Developed over One Hundred Years

-skillfully without trace-
-realism beyond imagination-

30 Years of CHIMEI Arts Award
Four Public Fine Art Galleries and Museum
Three Generations of Masters in Realism

~ Mr. Shi Wen-long invites to you to enjoy “comprehensible artworks” ~


    Art Must be Heartfelt
                  -- Shi Wen-long

    30 years of CHIMEI Arts Award has accumulated a history of realist art in Taiwan.
                                                                                    -- Hsiao Chong-ray

To celebrate the 30th anniversary of the CHIMEI Arts Award, CHIMEI Museum specially invited Professor Chong-Ray Hsiao as the curator of Hyperrealism Art in Taiwan, an exhibition based on fine realism of Modern Taiwan . The so-called “jingwei sieshih” is a form and concept of artistic creation based on the “photo-realism” or “hyperrealism” in the West. Through techniques that leave few traces of artists’ personal traits in brushstroke application or textural treatment, fine realism demonstrates a kind of precise and detail-oriented spirit of realism, even transcending what meets the eyes in the real world and giving forms and shapes to imagination beyond the reality.

The 100-year development of realism in Taiwan has gone through different stages in which different realist styles were developed. Now in the 21st century, the realist art in Taiwan is blossoming with rich and diverse facets. This exhibition will demonstrate the development of Taiwanese art in realism over the past century since the artist Tu-Shui Huang. Mainly featuring paintings and sculptural works, this exhibition will be divided into four thematic sections: “Humanity”, “Still-life”, “Landscape” and “Dream”. It is hoped that through the selection of a hundred realist works of art from different generations in Taiwan, visitors will be able to witness how artists have used their keen observation and mastery of techniques to create lifelike works rich in the unique rhetoric of their times. It is also hoped that this exhibition will inspire aspiring artists to fulfill their potential and explore the prospects of realist art in Taiwan.


《Exhibition Title》
Hyperrealism Art in Taiwan

《Exhibition Period》
2019.3.17 - 2019.6.11

《Exhibition Time》
9:30~17:30, closed on Wednesdays

《Exhibition Location》
CHIMEI Museum - 1F Temporary Exhibition

《Exhibition List》

《Ticket Information》
General Admission NT$ 150 ● General Public

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● Students age 7-22
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Discount Period:2019.3.17 - 2019.6.11
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《Temporary Exhibition Guided Tours》
Sessions:11:00, 14:00, 15:30, about 45-50 mins each session, limited to 30 perons per session.
To Participate:NT$50 each, registeration taken at 1F Lobby Audio Guide Stand, under the dome by the grand stair case.(Valid with Same-Day Temporary Exhibition Ticket Holder)

《Themed Events & Educational Activities》
【Themed Event】
Lakeside Picnic-Let's Bossa Nova !
Lakeside Picnic  X  Aesthetics of Living  X  Relax & Unwind

【Curatorial Lecture】*In Mandarin Only
Hyperrealism Art in Taiwan
Lecturer:Taiwan Art Historian Professor Hsiao Chong-ray
Free, limisted to 350 seats

【Children Workshop】*In Mandarin Only
Small World through the Lens
Lecturer:Professional Photographer Mr Kuo Cong-nan
NT$750/per person, limited to 20 seats

【Adult Workshop】*In Mandarin Only
In Love with Plants Painting
Lecturer:Botanical Artist Ms North Birds 
NT$1500/per person, limisted to 15 seats

Curator:Professor Hsiao Chong-ray
Sponsor:CHIMEI Culture Foundation