Beyond the Shadows

Have you ever noticed the existence of shadows around you?
In real life, we are bound to perceive the existence and changes of "light," but rarely do we pay attention to the "shadow" behind the light. Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad, these works have subverted the superior-subordinate relationship between light and shadow and will bring you the most astonishing viewing experience of “shadows” in life.

2019.07.13 - 2020.08.31


│ The most astonishing shadow tricks on earth │
Do you believe seeing is believing?
Have you ever seen a shadow that does not follow its object?

Light blocked
Darkness arrived
Shadow becomes protagonist

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7/13   Shadows

《Exhibition Title》
Beyond the Shadows

《Exhibition Period》

9:30~17:30, Closed every Wednesday

 (**For an upgraded COVID-19 preventive measure,
CHIMEI Museum will be closed on MondaysTuesdays, and Wednesdays 
from April 20th to May 31st, 2020**)

CHIMEI Museum - 1F Temporary Exhibition

Avaliable 2019/7/13

《Temporary Exhibition Workshops and Activities》
The Lights and Shadows Adventure of Peter Pan
Shadow Rhapsody: Vincent Bals Master Class


《Designated Shipper》