Beyond the Shadows

Have you ever noticed the existence of shadows around you?
In real life, we are bound to perceive the existence and changes of "light," but rarely do we pay attention to the "shadow" behind the light. Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad, these works have subverted the superior-subordinate relationship between light and shadow and will bring you the most astonishing viewing experience of “shadows” in life.

2019.07.13 - 2020.08.31


Exhibition Map
Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad. It contains a series of six questions about "shadows" to stimulate the audience's perception and imagination of shadows. Follow these six questions and see if they have led us to look at ordinary things in life with a brand new perspective.

01 Do you often neglect the existence of shadows in life?
02 Do you think shadow is a kind of substance?
03 Do you think the shadow of an object reflects its shape?
04 Do you think shadows always move with their objects?
05 Do you think shadows can be colorful?
06 After seeing the exhibition, has it changed your impression of shadows?

Exhibition Location

CHIMEI Museum《Temporary Exhibition》