Beyond the Shadows

Have you ever noticed the existence of shadows around you?
In real life, we are bound to perceive the existence and changes of "light," but rarely do we pay attention to the "shadow" behind the light. Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad, these works have subverted the superior-subordinate relationship between light and shadow and will bring you the most astonishing viewing experience of “shadows” in life.

2019.07.13 - 2020.08.31



Passed【Adult Workshop】Shadow Rhapsody: Vincent Bals Master Class

Beyond the Shadows Series

【Adult Workshop】Shadow Rhapsody: Vincent Bals Master Class

Time:2019/7/12 (Fri) 14:00-16:00 Event Closed
Location:CHIMEI Museum – 2F Art Studio
Age: 18+
Seats: 20
Fee: NT$ 2500 /per person
Lecturer: Vincent Bal (Belgian Shadowologist)

Course Description
What ?!  Even shadows have stories to tell !

Whether it was casting silhouette of hands on the wall, or chasing shadows of playmates’ under the streetlight, we all had experiences of playing with shadows when we were still kids. But do you know that shadows can be used not only for painting, but also to develop several interesting stories?
Belgian filmmaker Vincent Bal unintentionally saw the sunlight casting on a teacup, forming a shadow on a script during the script discussion. The moment motivates him to draw with the shadows. In his paintings, the well-known yellow duck becomes a hunchback thief with a bag of loot.
Do you want to be the next creative master?
Let Vincent Bal show you his endless creativity! 




Lecturer Information

Belgian Shadowologist -- Vincent Bal

“I cant have any expectations. During the process of creation, I can only look at the shape of a shadow and see whether it has a connection with me or not. If I limit myself with certain notion before creation, nothing is going to work out.”                           
-- Vincent Bal

As a famous Belgian filmmaker, Vincent Bal likes to draw in his daily life. It all started with a teacup on the table, which is when he started to create work of shadows. Then he started observing shadows formed by everyday items and corners. In his philosophy of shadowology, inspiration appears naturally in our lives. Creation is random and limitless, its a wide range of whimsical doodles.

IG :vincent_bal