Beyond the Shadows

Have you ever noticed the existence of shadows around you?
In real life, we are bound to perceive the existence and changes of "light," but rarely do we pay attention to the "shadow" behind the light. Beyond the Shadows is a collection of fifteen artists from Taiwan and abroad, these works have subverted the superior-subordinate relationship between light and shadow and will bring you the most astonishing viewing experience of “shadows” in life.

2019.07.13 - 2020.08.31


Passed CHIMEI Museum Beyond the Shadows
Along with the Shadows Special School Project

Do you want to inspire the artistic sense of young students? Dont miss out on museums Special School Project. The museum staff will guide through the temporary exhibition and the DIY experience throughout the visit. Students will be able to witness the master minds from all over the world, admire the artworks beyond imagination in Beyond the Shadows, and create their own magical shadows through DIY nightlights.
Beyond the Shadows  Guided tour
With the collection of artworks from 15 contemporary artists from Taiwan and abroad, and follow through a list of 6 questions about shadows, these artworks will spark the public perception and imagination of shadows. People’s perception of virtuality and reality, authenticity and phony, visibility and invisibility will be subverted. The guided tour will lead students to look at the ordinary objects in daily life from a brand new perspective.




Light and Shadow DIY
Students will be able to understand the principle of shadows, cultivate observation and stimulate imagination through their own DIY nightlights.




From now to August 31st, 2020
※Limited availability(Up to a total of 850 participants), project ends early once sold out.

Groups from elementary schools and junior high schools registered with the Taiwan Government.
Up to 120 people or 4 classes per day.

NT 890 per student, free for accompanying teacher (without light and shadow DIY) Including:
  • Temporary exhibition tickets
  • Guided tour for the temporary exhibition (using group audio guides with the duration of 1 hour)
  • Light and shadow DIY (1 nightlight)
  • Discounted price for groups over 30 people:
    31~45 people, NT 780 per student
    61~90 people, NT 680 per student
    91~120 people, NT 850 per student
※Fee for visiting the permanent exhibition will be charged additionally if needed.

  • Reservation is available from Monday to Friday, except the museum closing days on Wednesdays, national holidays and other days announced. (**For an upgraded COVID-19 preventive measure, CHIMEI Museum will be closed on MondaysTuesdays, and Wednesdays from April 20th to May 31st, 2020**)
  • Please fill in the reservation form 2 months prior to the activity date and e-mail the signed form to kyrt.yen@chimeimuseum.org. Once the reservation has been received, the museum staff will get in touch with the contact person via phone or e-mail.
  • The project requires the fees to be prepaid in full. Once the reservation date is arranged, changes will not be accepted. Tax ID number could be included into receipts.

★Kind Reminders★
  • Pencils, notebooks, and sketchbooks smaller than A3 are allowed to be used in the exhibition hall.
  • Please be careful not to block the routes of other visitors while visiting.
  • Please keep an adequate distance from exhibited objects and do not lean against nor press on the pedestals.
  • Please leave group belongings in the large locker for a more comfortable visit.